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NoScript - Co-op Implementation

To implement the co-op mod on your level by using its NOSCRIPT Module you will need to make a few adjustments to your level.

But, first of all you need to decide what the name of your map will be. The Name of your map must be unique.

  1. Do NOT use spaces in any file names, use a underscore "_" instead.
  2. Do NOT use l33t or else codes, write the name preferably in lower case.
  3. Use Letters, Numbers and separators like _ and - or | nothing else!
The Script

The Co-op Developer Kit includes numerous example files, each with a different concept, but they all use the exact same scripting. This script loads the No-Script Extension so it becomes available on the level.

The file-extension for EF2 script-files is *.scr, unfortunately Windows uses the same file-extensions for Screen-savers, so you might have difficulties to open such a script-file. Try to drag and drop the file into any Text-Editor you might have available or try Notepad++, I'm using it to develop the Co-op Mod.

Obtain and rename

Please note that Windows might wants to install the file as Screen-saver, Over-reactive Virus Scanners like Norton can interfere or even quarantine the file.

The Script file from the Co-op Development Kit, "rename.scr" is located within the main directory of the CDK Zip-File.

Grab it and copy it into your ef2 base/maps/ folder then rename "rename.scr" according to your map name. Assuming your map name would be "coop_mymap" the Script-File would be named like this: coop_mymap.scr

If you did everything correctly, the NOSCRIPT should work the next time you load or restart the map. Read in the next article how to make use of the NOSCRIPT Module.


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