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NoScript - First Room

Assuming you read the tutorial how to setup the Überradiant, this article should be easy for you to follow.

A floor with four Walls and a ceiling

A level for Elite Force II is created out of many different Elements, the first and most important element we are dealing with is a Brush. The basic structure and most of the details of a level are created with Brushes.


A Brush is a 3-Dimensional box  that is a part of the level, that you can create and shape from within the Level-Editor (Überradiant). To create a Brush you need to press the left mouse button hold it, while you move your mouse in any direction inside one of the 2D-Views. Once you release the left mouse button the Brush is complete, but don't worry, you can still change it as long as you have it selected.


To deselect the current Brush press ESCAPE once.
To select any Brush press SHIFT and select the Brush or Brushes with the left mouse button.


It is important for you to you know how big your Brushes are, so that the Textures fit and the Player can walk inside your room without bumping his head or getting stuck at doors or hallways. To enable the sizing info, go to the Level-Editor menu and click on Edit and select "Preferences...".

Überradiant Preferences

Once the Preferences window has opened, click on the Display Tab and activate the Check-boxes "Paint sizing info" and "Paint Selection Centroid", click on OK when you are done. As of now, when ever you select a brush it will show you the X,Y and Z size of that Brush, plus a dot that indicates the center of the Brush.


To create a simple room you should have at least 4 Walls, 1 Floor and 1 Ceiling. The easiest way to create such a room is to create one big Brush with the size of 1024 units in X,Y and Z, then click on the Hollow Button at the top menu.

Hollow Button

You should now have 6 brushes which crate together one room that is hermetically sealed. It is important that the room does not leak otherwise the game Engine can not handle your map correctly and the compiler refuses to build you a bsp file with a note that an Entity has leaked.
This is how the room should look like:

Hollowed Brush


Textures, the pleasure for the eyes

On the outside surfaces of the Brushes it will say "No Texture" but "caulk" on the inside. Press the Key T on your Keyboard to bring up the Texture Window, select then the image that says "caulk". This will apply the caulk texture to all selected surfaces. To select a single surface of a Brush, you need to press CONTROL + SHIFT + Left Mouse Button.

Caulk Texture

Click on Textures in the menu and select "forever", the Level-Editor will now load all textures that are stored in the folder "textures/forever/". These Textures are from the Mission 3 aboard the USS Dallas. Some Textures such as caulk are shaders, a shader specifies the attributes of a plain image (texture), such attributes could make the texture and the Brush it is applied on transparent, not-solid or even turn it into water for example.

Select any texture for the Inside surfaces of the Brushes of your room, you should not use any textures with a shader, otherwise you might get a "leaked" error during the compile.


Spawn loactaions, to spawn where no one else has spawned before

Now you will need to tell the game where the player is suppose to spawn. Click with the right mouse button in one of the 2-D views, a menu will open, select from that menu Info->Player->Start and place this entity right on the floor of your room.

Caulk Texture

To specify which direction the player will be facing when spawned you need to bring up the Entity menu by pressing once the Key N on your Keyboard. You can click on one of the buttons that read 45,90,135,180,225,270,315 or 360, then press ESCAPE once and the new angle should be applied. Now the game knows where to spawn the player in Single-Player Mode, for Multiplayer you will need to use in addition to the info_player_start some info_player_deathmatch entities, for each possible player one, for co-op that would make at least 8.

Caulk Texture
Compile to go...

You can now click on Build Map->Quick Compile (BSP and VIS), and your first level will be ready to play shortly.

To load your level, you need to open the console while in game and type in devmap yourmapname and hit enter, this will load the level with the given name with cheats enabled.


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