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NoScript - Getting Started
  • The Überradiant (link)
  • Any Text Editor, like Notepad
  • Co-op Development Kit (link)
  • The latest Co-op Mod SERVER & CLIENT version (link)
  • Any Archiver for Zip-Archives (link)
Additional Resources
  • All File Types list - PDF (basic knowledge)
  • Überradiant Basic Setup - PDF (basic knowledge)
  • BSP-Level based game Engines - Website (very advanced knowledge)

To make sure you can understand what I'm talking about in this Article and that you do have the same tools/features at your disposal there are a few preparations to be made

1. Install the official Patch 1.1

Install the Official Patch 1.1 for elite force II if you have not done so by now.

2. Make a copy of your complete Elite Force II gamefiles

Make a copy of your complete Elite Force II game folder to a different location, but maintain the folder names i.e: C:\Modding\EF2\base\.
when the folder names of the folders /EF2/ or /EF2/base/ are changed, the Level-Editor will not work!

3. Clean up the Copy

You need to delete all files inside the /EF2/base/ folder that do NOT belong to the stock game. You can start with deleting all *.cfg files, except the one that carries your username, these files are leftovers from the EF2 beta and are of no use to us. The following files belong to the game:

  • ctf_tartirus.pk3
  • ctf_vor2.pk3
  • dm_ctf_voy1.pk3
  • hm_ctf_exigent.pk3
  • locpak1_de.pk3
  • locpak2.pk3
  • locpak50.pk3
  • pak0.pk3
  • pak10.pk3
  • pak15.pk3
  • pak16.pk3
  • pak20.pk3
  • pak30.pk3
  • pak31.pk3
  • pak32.pk3
  • pak50.pk3
  • cgamex86.dll
  • gamex86.dll
  • /global/
  • /global/default.cfg
  • /global/defaultcontrols.cfg
  • /global/defaultoptions.cfg
4. Extract the Surface list file

You should extract surfacelist.txt from the pak0.pk3/global/ to /base/global/, this will make sure your map does have the appropriate sounds assigned to the surfaces during the map compile. You can open PK3 files with any Archiver that can handle Zip-Archives.

5. Install and configure the Level-Editor

Install and configure the Überradiant, this is the name of the Level-Editor for Elite Force II. Provided you follow the guidance of this tutorial your Überradiant will be consistent with mine.
Make sure you pick the right target folder, as that would be the newly created and cleaned up copy.

6. Download and install the Co-op Mod

Download and install the latest Co-op Mod SERVER & CLIENT version.

7. Download the Co-op Development Kit

Download the Co-op Development Kit, you will need it later.


Elite Force II Serverlist empty ? Read how to set the alternative Master-Server.

Elite Force II to expensive ? Try eBay Germany and use our Language-pack!

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