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Co-op Classes

The Mod features 3 different classes, each class contributes to the co-operative game play.



MedicAs Medic you can heal your Buddies.
For each Hypospray-injection you give to a Buddy you receive also a Hypospray-injection your self, this requires you to heal others in order to heal your self. The Medic can heal Team Members while they are under attack.



TechnicianAs Technician you can stock-up your Buddies Shields and you can build Transporters allowing your mates to skip parts of the level. For each Shield you stock-up, your own Shields recharge as well. A Technician is often needed to solve Tricorder Modulations allowing the Team to proceed.



Heavy WeaponsAs HEAVY WEAPONS you can supply your Buddies with all the ammo they need. For each ammo you spend your ammo-inventory will stock-up too. You ammo inventory is smaller, this requires you to supply others in order to not run out of ammo your self!The HEAVY WEAPONS class, does twice as much Damage and has a advantage in battle over all other classes since it takes significant less damage from enemy attacks.


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