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Downloads Co-op Mod related - Addons
8 Player Expansion (approx. 2 KB)

This expands the Co-op Mod up to the OLD 8 player limit again. Use this on your own risk, as some Campaign maps could create a client disconnect and possible a server or client crash.

German Custom Map Objectives (approx. 4 Kb)

This package forces German Mission Objectives on the Custom levels. The Objectives shown on the Mission Objectives HUD will be shown in German.

No Blue Arrow Mod for 3rd Person (approx. 2 KB)

This removes the blue arrow above the players head when playing on a Multiplayer Team Server.

This is meant to be used to have your own blue Arrow disappear when using 3rd Person view, it will how ever remove all blue arrows from every player of the blue team.

German - English Dual Compatibility Language-pack (approx. 300 MB)

This package contains four files allowing you to change the language of Star Trek Elite Force II. Supported is: English only, German only, English with German text and German with English text.



Elite Force II Serverlist empty ? Read how to set the alternative Master-Server.

Elite Force II to expensive ? Try eBay Germany and use our Language-pack!

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