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How to install Elite Force 2 on Windows 7

This tutorial explains very detailed how to install and Setup ST:EF2 on Windows 7 with activated UAC, in English and German.


HaZardModding Dedicated Server Utility for EF2

This tool allows you to start and configure a dedicated Server for Elite Force II. Originaly created for the HaZardModding Co-op Mod it also can be used to host a non-coop server.


Dedicated Server Configuration Template Files

These files can be used to host a Dedicated Server For Elite Force II. They include settings all game types and modifiers and popular game server settings:

  • Holomatch
  • Team Holomatch
  • Capture The Flag
  • Bomb Diffusion
  • Control Points
  • Elimination
  • One Flag
  • Specialities
  • Low Gravity
  • Sniper Only (Disintegration)


Master Server Client Patch for Elite Force II (approx. 2 KB)

In case the Activision Master Server is down again, you may use the alternative Master server. This tool will route the game to the new master server.
This tool works only under Microsoft Windows.

For Mac OS-X please follow the manual configuration instructions to set the alternative Master Server manually.



Elite Force II Serverlist empty ? Read how to set the alternative Master-Server.

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