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Downloads Co-op Mod related - Custom Maps
Build your own Custom Map

Read how to build your own Co-op Map in the Development-Section

Custom Level(s) ALPHA/BETA/TEST - Versions(windows/linux/mac)

Coop Alien PreviewCo-op Alien Preview.
The level is still in work, playable but not yet a full Mission.

Released for Christmas 2010

Download Co-op Alien

Custom Levels INSTALLER (for Windows only)

This Installer Package contains 6 Custom levels for the HaZardModding Co-op Mod, the following custom levels are included:

  • Bugs
  • Ice Station
  • Bat'leth Arena
  • Paradise Island
  • Paradise Island 2
  • H'atoria Outpost
Custom Levels Zip-Archives (windows/linux/mac)


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