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EF2 Trivia - Intresting Details
Information Geathering Mission 5

Elite Force II theoretically has 8 Information Geathering Missions, all these IGMs are aboard the USS Enterprise E.
The 5th IG-Mission has been deleted, I belive it was suppose to take place at the Attrexian Colony(Mission 7) but the level named m7l3-attrexian_colony does not exist.

You can find indications for this inside the following level script on line 134:

Multiplayer level from First Contact Movie

One level was provided with the UK-Special Edition only, the name of this level is Hostile Takeover, the level file name is dm_firstcontact. The file that contains the level is called locpak2.pk3, if you are missing that level you can download it from various sources or directly from the darkMatter Clan website.

Multiplayer level never relased

Mysteriouse Multiplayer level ScreenshotA second Klingon Battle Area for Multiplayer has been made for Elite Force II but it never has been released.

The file name is dm_de_as beside the Mapshot there are no further Informations available about that mysterious level

You can find indications for this inside the file:

Captain Galloway(Mission 3)

Jon Galloway from Ritual Entertainment was involved in the development of STEF2 as Creative Director, the Captain of The USS Dallas was named after him.

The USS Dallas (Mission 3)

The USS Dallas was named after the City Ritual was located at while developing Elite Force II.
Dallas, Texas - USA

Jurot was supposed to be a Medic

The Character Jurot was supposed to be the Medic of the Hazardteam. Jurot was improving her Medical skills during the Time she was on Vulcan while the Hazardteam was suspended by Stemmons.

You can see indications in the following file on line 71 and 72:

There are Also two 3 dialouges that Indicate she was suppose to heal.

  • locpak1.pk3/loc/Eng/sound/dialog/combat/jurot_injured.mp3
  • locpak1.pk3/loc/Eng/sound/dialog/combat/jurot_injured-3.mp3
  • locpak1.pk3/loc/Eng/sound/dialog/ent_m1/jurot_vulcan.mp3
Alien Movies inspired Lifts

The Attrexian Lifts on the level m7l2b-attrexian_colony and m7l2c-attrexian_colony are Inspired by the Alien Movies from the 1992.

Proof can be found in the following file on the line 1505:

Chang was suppose to be with the Team

On one of the Borg Missions Chang was abducted by the Borg. Originally Chang was supposed to fight with the Hazardteam against the Borg for the entire duration of the Borg Mission.

Proof can be found in the following files:

  • base/pak10.pk3/maps/
  • m1l1c-borg_sphere.scr - on line 178
  • m1l2a-borg_sphere.scr - on line 150
  • m1l2b-borg_sphere.scr - on line 250
  • m1l2c-borg_sphere.scr - on line 104
Reference to an George Lucas Film

On one level in Elite Force II two spawner for Hostile aliens are target named "thx1138". THX 1138 is the name of a science fiction film directed by George Lucas

Usually target names do have the prefix t followed by a number, like t1, t2 and so on, but that target name does have two extra letters in in it, this rules out an accident.

You can find proof in the file follwoing file on line 317:

Starfleet Academy

There was a forth map, named m2l3-sfa, featuring another Starfleet Academy mission, but we have no information about it other than those from the scripts.

The Developer had plans for a race, where the player as Munro has to win against Cadets. Some Sound-files for this are still in the game.

Turbolift repair Item, at Starfleet Academy Indications for further plans for a objective where the player had to look for a Character named Porter, which was then suppose to repair the Turbolift, can still be found in the level scripts. The room where the player would have to pickup a spare-part is also still accessible in the level m2l1-sfa.


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