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A list of external links to related or associated websites.

Please note, that we do not have any control of the here linked Websites, at the time the Websites where linked, they complied to local law and where virus and male-ware free. How ever we can not take responsibility for the content of other websites, if there are any issues please contact us immediately. - Rituals Community Hub

Ritual Entertainments On-line Community Hub, the last most Official Star Trek Elite Force II website. - The Mod DataBase

On you can find almost every mod from almost every game, it is without any doubt the largest and most complete Mod Database in existence.

The HaZardModding Co-op Mod does have a Profile on as well, chek it out! - Elite Force Series Files link has the most complete collection for files for both games of the Elite Force Series, when the site is working you will be able to find almost all the files available for the game. link provides you with most of Co-op Mod files and files of many other Mods and Addons for many differnt Games. link

The Co-op Mod Installer for Windows is made with the INNO SETUP.
INNO SETUP is provided by Jordan Russell.

Play old PC games
Play old PC games link

The Website is a great resource of help and information, if you ever plan to play old PC games on newer computers.


Elite Force II Serverlist empty ? Read how to set the alternative Master-Server.

Elite Force II to expensive ? Try eBay Germany and use our Language-pack!

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