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The Campaign from the Single-Player

The Single-Player Levels do NOT need to be downloaded as they are included in the game. Elite Force II features 10 Missions with over 60 levels.

MISSION 1: End Game - Borg Sphere

The crew of the USS Voyager, a Starfleet vessel lost in the Delta Quadrant for seven years, has found a way home through a Borg Transwarp hub. While in transit, a Borg Sphere has captured the ship and enclosed it in a dampening field to await assimilation.

The Hazard Team, an elite group of tactical operatives led by Lt. Alex Munro, has been ordered to infiltrate the Sphere and shut down the dampening field before Voyager and her crew are assimilated.

MISSION 2: Reassignment - Starfleet Academy

After receiving new orders from a Starfleet Functionary the newly broken up Hazard Team contemplates their next move.

MISSION 3: Derelict - USS Dallas

After receiving a distress call from a Federation ship, the USS Enterprise has arrived to find the USS Dallas dead in space, the cause of damage unknown.

The newly reunited Hazard Team has beamed over to investigate the derelict vessel and attempt to find out what happened to the ship and her crew.

MISSION 4: Demise - Attrexian Station

Investigation of the Dallas has indicated the ship was attacked by unknown alien life forms while responding to a distress call from a space station belonging to a race called the Attrexians. Much of the Dallas crew was transported to the station before Captain Galloway and a skeleton crew left in an attempt to save the Dallas.

The Hazard Team is en route to the Attrexian station to locate the surviving members of the Dallas crew and search for information about the recent attacks.

MISSION 5: Discovery - Alien Planet

The USS Enterprise has tracked the aliens that attacked the Attrexian Space Station to a nearby planet.

The Hazard Team has been ordered to beam down to the surface and attempt to discover the origin of these savage creatures.

MISSION 6: Destruction - Enterprise-E

The USS Enterprise has received notification of another alien attack, this one on a nearby Attrexian Colony.

As Enterprise nears orbit, the Hazard Team prepares to beam down and assist the colonists in any way possible.

MISSION 7: Search and Rescue - Attrexian Colony

The attack on the Attrexian colony is still in progress.

The Hazard Team has been tasked to assist the colonists in any way they can and, if possible, contain the attacking aliens.

MISSION 8: Payback - Ancient Idryll Planet

The Enterprise has received coordinates from the Idryll scientist Inigor that lead to his son, the renegade Krindo.

The Hazard Team must locate Krindo and stop the alien attacks at all costs.

MISSION 9: Mercenaries - K7 Starbase

Krindo has arranged a meeting with his financial benefactor, a Ferengi named Omag.

Captain Picard has ordered Lt. Munro and Ensign Gonzalez to accompany Krindo, question Omag about his involvement in the recent attacks, and apprehend him if necessary.

MISSION 10: Incognito - Secret Romulan Installation

Interrogation has revealed that Omag has sold his information to his highest bidder...the Romulan Star Empire. Starfleet Command has authorized a covert mission to a remote Romulan Outpost.

Disguised as Romulans, Lt. Munro and Ensign Gonzalez must infiltrate the installation and extract the information needed to locate the Master Control Facility.

MISSION 11: End Game 2 - Master Control Facility

A faction of renegade Romulans calling themselves the Empty Crown have seized the Master Control Facility and are attempting to use their control over the Exomorphs to gain power in the Romulan government.

If successful, this could bring renewed hostilities with the powerful Romulan Empire, and upset the balance of power in the Alpha Quadrant.

Lt. Munro will lead an assault to destroy the facility, and bring the Empty Crown to justice.


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