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NoScript - How to Use
Create a Trigger

In the Überradiant you need to create a brush, the size of the brush will determine the area that needs to be touched or used (with the USE key in game). Then press the N key inside the Überradiant, that will display the ENTITY MENU, pressing N again will make the menu dissapear again.


Make sure you still selected have that brush you created, then select any item from the entity menu by clicking once with the left mouse button on it, but do NOT double click it. Nothing should have changed so far by simply selecting a item, press then the T key on your Keyboard. The ENTITY MENU should now display a list with items starting with a T, like trigger_camerause.


Double click from this list the entity named trigger_once. The brush should now change its appearance, become semitransparent and it should read the word trigger all other the brush.

how that would look like

The trigger_once is a trigger that can be activated only once and then it deletes it self, use that trigger if you plan to have a event occurring just once. This will be your favourite trigger type when using any NOSCRIPT features.

The trigger can be set to respond to MONSTERS (Actors) and NOT_PLAYERS (players can not activate it), by enabling the displayed check-boxes. That can be useful if you want a trigger to be activated by Actor but not by the player.

Attaching attributes to a Trigger

Select the trigger you want to start the NOSCRIPT from and press the N key to display the ENTITY MENU. There are two input fields at the bottom of the menu, one field states KEY the other STATES value. These two fields are used to attach any attributes to the trigger.


The first field (KEY) sets the attribute name and the second sets the value of the attribute. To start any NOSCRIPT feature at least one attribute needs to be set correctly and that always is the thread attribute that has to be in the KEY field, followed by the name of the thread. The name, given in the VALUE filed will tell NOSCRIPT the task it shall perform.

input fields

Example: How to give a weapon to all players

Instructing NOSCRIPT to give a weapon to all players you need to set the following attribute on the trigger:

Key: thread
Value: coop_weapongive

Then you need to specify a weapon name. There for you need to use so called uservar, starting with uservar1 and ending with uservar4.

Key: uservar1
Value: burstrifle

You can use uservar1, uservar2, uservar3 and uservar4 to specify up to 4 different weapons peer trigge. A full list of names can be found at the commands article search for "GIVE WEAPON".

how that would look like

You can use Note to attach a note to the trigger, for other mappers or for your self. Attaching Notes to triggers is a good habit, this can help to make the development for others or your self easier.

It's all the same...

It works almost identical for all other commands provided by NOSCRIPT, please have a look at the commands article to view the complete list of commands with detailed descriptions.


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