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Known Technical Issues
AI - Pathfinding

Pathfinding does not work in Multiplayer, there for the following commands will not work:

  • HAVE_PATH_TO_ENEMY (AI-Condition)
  • ENEMY_IN_PATH (AI-Condition)
Client 0

Many Commands or objects refer to the player with the client number 0, while that is perfectly fine in Singleplayer, it can cause issues in Multiplayer if that player is not present on the server! The object/command does not work or even worse will crash the server. These issues are known so far:

  • CAN_SEE_PLAYER (AI-Condition)
  • PLAYER_RANGE (AI-Condition)
  • TOUCHED_BY_PLAYER (AI-Condition)
  • PLAYER_HAS_WEAPON (AI-Condition)
  • PLAYER_VALID (AI-Condition)
  • CloseInOnPlayer (AI-Behaviour )
  • GroupFollow (AI-Behaviour )
  • groupattack (AI-Behaviour )
  • attackplayer (Level-Script)
  • turntowardsplayer (Level-Script)
  • cprint (Level-Script)
  • cueplayer (Level-Script)
  • cinematic (Level-Script)
  • noncinematic (Level-Script)
  • cuecamera (Level-Script)
  • cueplayer (Level-Script)
  • loadobjectives (Level-Script)
  • setobjectiveshow (Level-Script)
  • setobjectivecomplete (Level-Script)
  • setobjectivefailed (Level-Script)
  • playdialog (Level-Script)
  • waitfordialog (Level-Script)
  • fov [used on a cinematic cam] (Level-Script)
  • follow (Level-Script)
  • watch (Level-Script)
  • skipthread (Level-Script)
  • trigger_volume_callvolume (Trigger)
  • puzzle_object (Special Entity)
Player Targetnames

All players have the exact same targetname "player", to differentiate and handle each player separately the co-op Mod gives a unique targetname to each player. Starting with player1 and ending with player8.

Bots how ever get different targetnames by the game starting with player0 and ending at player31, using their client number.

Script Errors/Script not working under Linux

The EF2 dedicated Linux server if from 2003 and at that time there was a bug that is now fixed on Linux, but remains still with the EF2 server. If a script file does not end with at least two empty extra lines at the bottom the Server can not read the script file and will brake the code during compile.

To fix this issue just add two empty lines after the last line of script code or comment in your *.scr file.

Compile Failed

Sometimes the game does not show the cause of the error in the game console, you will have to exit the game and start it again then load the map with the error via the map or devmap command (devmap).

Enabling developer mode (developer 1) and Error Printing (com_printwarnings 1) when loading the map with devmap can help you to track down the error

Fog and Terrain

Fog shaders do not work when they are inside or touching Terrain, the Compiler will get stuck at adding static tris and then crash after several minutes.

That means also that the Fog can not be inside the terrain bounding-box, that would be within the lowest and highest edges of the Terrain. Even when the Fog is not touching or seams not to be inside the Terrain, it can still be inside the terrain bounding-box

CD Key in use

Happens if you get disconnected from a server in a unclean way and the server did not unlock your CD-Key at the Master Server. Wait about ~5 minutes and stay disconnected, then connect again, and the Message will not appear again. Please note if your IP changes you will also get this error.

Couldn't load maps/*.bsp

*.bsp Files are levels, if the games tells you it could not find the Level you need to download the level. Search for the level using google or any else search engine.

Many levels for Elite Force II can be found at and

Couldn't load cgame dll or Couldn't load game dll

This happens if you try to connect to a server which runs a Modification.

Your game tries to load the Mod from your hard drive and fails.

Scroll up in the console window and look for the line: "Current search path:" On the next line you will see the Folder your game has created, it is the folder for the mod you are missing. You can search for the Mod, download and install it or you can try to fake a installation, close the game and start it again and it will work as normal again.

To fake the installation of the mod you are missing copy the file "cgamex86.dll" and "gamex86.dll" from the folder /base/ into the newly created Folder.

My recommendation is that you download the mod, if you fake it you will have files missing such as models, textures, sounds which could make you unable to see or hear other players.

s_FindName: Out of sfx_t

This is a Special effects sound read error. It should just happen once per level, if you close the game and start it again this error will be gone and not reappear on that level.

GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem

If you are using Vista:

  • go to your elite force II installation directory(default: C:\Program Files\Activision\EF2\), right click on EF2.exe and choose Properties
  • go to Compatibility tab, enable Compatibility mode and set it for Windows XP
  • disable Desktop Composition
  • enable running with Administrative privilege level
  • try running the game directly from EF2.exe file

If it still does not work, update/downdate your drivers for the Graphics-card as follows:

  • Un-install the old drivers, use un-install Wizard, or any tool which is delivered with your driver.
  • Reboot your pc with default drivers and install the already downloaded new/old driver
Event overflow. Possible infinite loop in script.

If you are a scripter don't worry it probably was not you, this error occurs on maps with many Path-Nodes, it will not have any side effect for you, so you can ignore it.

If you think it is your script, search for a while command that does not have any wait commands or else delays to slow down the while command, and correct it by adding a wait(0.01); command inside the while loop.

Info_ValueForKey: oversize infostring

This Error happens if a server provides to much data in the information configuration-variables. To fix this the server administrator needs to remove all unnecessary configuration-variables from the server configuration-file.

Bad Performance, crashes and application hungs

This can happen when your are using a newer Graphics-Card, especially such as ATI HD. Since ATI has not added the EF2.exe to their exception list the Game gets started with the wrong OpenGl version (4.0).

How to fix:

  • Rename the EF2.exe into quake3.exe, that will basically fix almost all the issues.
  • Fore detailed Informations please read on at
Others can not find my Server

This can happen when your are using a Router or you started the wrong Server Type.

How to fix:

  • Make sure you forward the (UDP) ports at your Router that Elite Force II needs(29253 to 29256), this is called Port forwarding.
  • You need to start it as Dedicated Internet Server or your Server will not be listed
  • The server must also be started with the parameter g_gametype 1, if you try to start the server not from within the game menu
  • To see your local server you need to add it to the favourites, the IP is port: 29253 to 29256
Error when loading a Save Game

This can happen when you trying to load a Save Game which has been saved before your had the Official Patch 1.1 installed.

How to fix:

You can delete that save game and load the Mission from the Main menu in New Game after selecting your Skill level. Load the mission manually; Open up the game console and type in map or devmap to activate cheats.

Example: devmap m4l1a-attrexian_station

Please use our list of map names to find your last level.


Elite Force II Serverlist empty ? Read how to set the alternative Master-Server.

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