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What is the Co-op Mod

The HaZardModding Co-op Mod is a Modification for the Computer game
Star Trek: Elite Force II.

It allows you to play the Campaign and the secret levels from the Single-Player Co-Operatively in Multi-Player, together with up to 7 Players accompanying you.


Co-op Mod BoxshotThe Single-Player Campaign modified for an Cooperative Multi-Player 24th century Star Trek Action Adventure, is the best way to describe our high quality Modification.


The HaZardModding Co-op Mod is our most advanced and largest Project. The modding innovations this project benefited to the Elite Force II community are legendary. It is without any doubt the most advanced modification for Star Trek: Elite force II ever!

A quick Feature-Overview
  • For up to 8 players in total.
  • For Internet and Local Area Network
  • Server side - clients can join without the mod
  • Including detailed User and Administrator Documentations
  • 3 Classes with unique abilities
  • Compatible to all official Server types
  • Compatible to all official game releases
  • Compatible to all known multi-player Mods
  • Communicator included for Bi-lingual communication
  • Upgraded  Main-menu to configure quickly all Network-settings
  • Intelligent Spawn-location updates, players spawn close to the team
  • Extended Call-vote menu to start a vote for a Coop level
  • Multi-player Tricorder Modulation
  • Unique player IDs - every player has a own target name in script
  • Automatic Server reboot (can be disabled)
  • Automatic Server configuration for all vital settings
  • Force Models, only Hazard Team Player-Models are allowed
  • Skip-able Cinematic Sequences
Custom Co-op Levels

The following custom co-op levels are officially supported by the current HaZardModding Co-op Mod version:

  • H'atoria Outpost
  • Paradise Island
  • Paradise Island -2-
  • Bat'leth Arena
  • Ice Station
  • Alien
  • Bugs


Star Trek: Elite Force II released on June 20, 2003 for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS-X port. Version 1.0 for Microsoft Windows is outdated and should be updated to Version 1.1 with the downloadable patch installer

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