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Setup a Server (manually)

Please read the Master Server article if you are having troubles with others finding your server, or finding servers your self...

This explains how to start a Elite Force II dedicated server, which runs in a separate instance.

1. Gather all game files

You need to have ALL the game default files and folders.
The following files you do NOT need for a dedicated server:

  • Any default *.cfg files
  • pak15.pk3 and pak16.pk3
  • Any *.log files
2. Create a Configuration-file

You need to crate a cfg-file called server.cfg you can also download and use the Dedicated Server Files


vstr coop_sv_startcmd;//added version 4.4 alpha 9 (autoload last map hack)


This article is not yet complete



You can connect to your own local server by using the following command:


Elite Force II Serverlist empty ? Read how to set the alternative Master-Server.

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