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NoScript - Module
If you are interested in a standalone NOSCRIPT version that does NOT require the Co-op Mod, please contact us.
We can provide you a standalone version for your Singleplayer levels.
We have not notice any interest in such a version yet, so there is no public download available.
What is it ?

NOSCRIPT for the HaZardModding Co-op Mod is a special script file that enables mappers to use general game script or Co-op Mod scripted features without the need to do any scripting them selfs. It requires the Server (Multiplayer) or the Player (Singleplayer) to have the Co-op Mod installed.

How does it work

The mapper sets certain attributes to normal triggers such as trigger_once and similar triggers. Once that trigger is activated either by a player, Actor or another trigger it will start the NOSCRIPT.
Based upon the attributes that are attached to the trigger, NOSCRIPT will perform the necessary scripting to fulfil the desired task.

View the full list of NOSCRIPT commands.


Coop Ice Station is a complete Mission Map that can be downloaded and reviewed with the Überradiant. The map-file of Coop Ice Station is inside its PK3-Archive, you can open the PK3-Archive with any Archiver that can handle Zip-Archives, just like 7-Zip.

There are more example map-files and scripts in the Co-op Development Kit, feel free to have a look.


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