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HaZardModding Co-op Mod for Elite Force II
Version 6.05 is now here!

Version 6.05 features over 350 changes!

Here is a short overview over the most noticable changes:

  • Optional Last Man Standing - There is no respawn, once a player dies he stays dead.
  • Optional Respawntime - Dying will be punished with a Time-out adjustable from 5 to 60 seconds.
  • Walkto Deadlock Prevention - Preventing actors from getting stuck.
  • Death List - The Death-messages are now read from deathlist.ini, rather than being hard-coded into the mod.
  • 4 New Levels from The Aftermath Episodes Mod - In cooperation with Daedalus the first four Levels of his Mod are now available.
  • 2 New Levels from the RoteC Mod - These new levels are recreated based upon the Return of the empty Crown Mod.
  • Start Server Menu for Coop - The new Start Server Menu, provides a solid structured level overview just like the modified Call Vote Menu.
  • Coop Vote Options - Last Man Standing and Respawntime can be enabled or disabled by vote.
  • New Key Bind Options - !drop and !blocking can now be bind to a key from within the Coop Settings Menu.
  • New Options in the Video Menu - To select your own Aspect ratio.



Version 6.04 is now here!

Version 6.04 features over 400 changes:

  • Removed 34 items/features
  • Fixed 105 items/features
  • Changed 73 items/features
  • Updated 44 items/features
  • Added 166 items/features

View Changelog

Most noticeable changes are:

  • Added: Checkpoints, restoring levels on mission failure
  • Fixed: Frequent Lags and Weapon Dysfunctions
  • Return of the Empty Crown Mod Episode 1 fully supported now
  • Coop Ice Station Level is featuring a Christmas Special, with hidden Christmas-Trees
  • Scanning Objects with the Tricorder will now display a overlay HUD
  • Fixed and updated: Call Vote Menu
  • Added: Awards for eliminating a enemy
  • Added: Team-killing penalty
  • Added: Cinematic Skip Vote will be displayed at the middle of the screen

Version 6.04 is comming (in December 2017)!

Version 6.04 will bring improved stability, many new features and over 50 bug fixes, some of which did break the game-flow. We hope to publish this new version this December (2017)

Version 6.03 is here!

We have released Version 6.03 of the HZM Coop Mod, with improved stability, many new features and bug fixes.


Coming up soon Version 6.02!

Soon we will introduce the version 6.02 of our coop mod.
We will fix the download and contact sections on this website and provide more informations of our latest version of the HZM Coop Mod!

HZM Coop Mod UPDATER tool is here!

We have now a new tool for you, it updates your Coop Mod to the latest version by a click of a button!

We are very proud to present this tool to you. You might notice that the tool has many additional features besides the updating. Some of these additional features are not yet complete, none the less the Updater is working great and will make your and our life much simpler when it comes to updating/maintaining the HZM Coop Mod.

HZM Coop Mod Updater Tool Screenshot

Here are a few things you should know about the updater.

  • The Tool runs on Windows 7,8 and 10
  • The Tool needs Microsoft .NET 4.0 Client (which is usually easy to get)
  • The Coop Mod Updater needs to be placed (Manual installation) inside the game directory, right next to the base folder, not inside of it!
  • The Coop Mod Updater needs to be started with administrative privileges or it will not work.
  • There is a Autoupdater that can also install the Coop Mod Updater Tool for you.
  • It can Forces to download the latest update, which is handy if there are any sort of issues
  • It can allow the installation of the Official patch 1.1, if there are issues from older mod installations.
  • It can Manage your CD-Key, alter, copy and create a backup.
  • It can Manage the Masterserver entry of your game its exe file.
  • It allows you to use a own coop mod update server, it can also create a php server side script for the your own updater server.
  • It allows you to filter logfiles from the game, to quickly analyse any issues the server or game could have, by a customizable filter.
  • It allows you to access quickly the original game Documentation.
  • It allows you to include or exclude beta updates of the mod.
  • It allows you to download a extra UI Scale mod for higher screen resolutions.
  • It allows you to select the exe file you want to use for staring your game.

HZM Coop Mod Updater Updater Screenshot

The Autoupdater, it sounds funny to have a updater for a updater, but it all makes sense. Applications can not update them self while they are running, they need another program to replace their old version with the new one, and this is exactly what this little Autoupdater does ;).
Here is what you need to know about the Autoupdater:

  • The Autoupdater can install the HZM Coop Mod Updater Tool ONLY if your game is installed correctly (registry entries intact).
  • The Autoupdater needs to be started with administrative privileges.
  • The Autoupdater will automatically find your valid game installation and and work with it.
  • The Autoupdater allows you to select which shortcuts are to be created.

We recommend that you download and try the Autoupdater first, because if it works it will do all the configuration for you. If the Autoupdater fails due to missing registry entries you can try the HZM Coop Mod Updater tool. If that fails too, please contact HazardModding. Go to HELP -> ABOUT THIS PROGRAM

download now Autoupdater
Autoupdater for automatic installation (recommended since it is easier).

download HZM Coop Mod Updater Tool
HZM Coop mod Update Tool for manual installation.


Windows Smart Screen Warning Dialog

That we have not yet managed to verify our Updater Tools according to Microsoft Guidelines, so there will be a Warning displayed from Windows that the Publisher of the Program could not be verified. Windows might refuse to start the program, you then have to click on more, configure or information inside that warning dialog to run the program anyway. We try to fix that issue as soon as possible, but we are new to .NET, so that may take a while.

Version 6.01 is here!

The latest version of our Star Trek Elite Force II Coop Mod is finally here, after a full year of hard work on the Version 6 of our Coop Mod it is virtually complete.

We want to share what makes this version so special to us...

  • Programmed in C++, almost no more limits
    This means a lot to us, since in C++ we are given a freedom to alter the game its native code with almost no limits. Adding new features and fixing many stock game bugs is now possible with ease.
  • Fully multiplayer compatible Tricorder Puzzles
    Tricorder Puzzles are now working exactly like they do in singleplayer, starting from the Modulation bar to the complex wave modulation all features work!
  • Fully compatible multiplayer Cinematics or CUTSCENES
    This is obviously a big deal, cinematic sequences are on default fully compatible to the Multiplayer, on any map. With the exception of the fakeplayer command all script commands will work perfect in Multiplayer.
  • Working multiplayer Radar
    This is a great help for the players, since it is marking the location of the current Mission Objective on the map. We also plan to expand this feature just a little bit more, so that we may come as close as possible to the actual Singleplayer Radar.
  • Levels Scripts made compatible to Coop in a matter of minutes
    Level scripts are now so extremely compatible most levels would even work perfectly without changing the scripts to suit it for coop.
    This is quite a game changer in terms of providing new levels for the coop mod. We have reprogrammed the Entire Coop Mod in C++ and all started to convert all Singleplayer level scripts from scratch, all this in one Year with only two man working on the Project, this shows how much the changes in C++ did take this Mod forward.
  • Level Scripts for Coop go into a separate folder
    This way we can prevent any Script Problems occurring in the regular Singleplayer. How ever, this does not grantee that there will be no issues created by the Coop mod.
  • Featuring the complete GBS Mod campaign
    Since it is now so very easy to make scripts coop compatible we have made the complete A Gate two Birds and the beautiful Sky" Mod available for Cooperative play.
  • Featuring Episode 1 of the ROTEC Mod campaign
    We have also integrated the first four levels from the "Return of the empty Crown" Mod, otherwise known as ROTEC Episode 1. We have not been able to reach the Author of this Mod. Even though that we assume the Author will not object to his work being used in the coop mod it can still happen that the Author instructs us to remove his files from our mod, so we are not sure if ROTEC will be there and expanded upon in the future.
  • Featuring the Coop Mod experimental maps
    We have also included the Coop Mod experimental and test maps for you to play cooperatively. They don't make for good missions, because they are designed to test, show and teach how levels can be made interactive with relatively little work.
  • New callvote menu
    With about 100 maps to vote for Coop we had to do some improvements to the callvote menu.
  • Coop_ maps automatically starting the mod
    Due C++ maps that carry the coop_ prefix in their name are starting automatically the coop mod, no scripts are required.
  • Improved and multiplayer compatible ai
    We have fixed many issues that occurred when many AI Actors where used during multiplayer, ranging from simple fixes to even new features, we could almost fix anything in the C++ code.
  • Skill/Dificulty can be changed at any time
    The game difficulty can be changed via callvote at any time during the game

Well, as you can guess there are many more new features in this new version, but we can't really list them all here.

There is one more thing we want to write about, which is the benefit for beta testers. By reporting issues or bugs you find you can gain points, these points can be traded for selected STEAM Games. YOu can read more about this on our profile.

HZM Coop Mod 6 EXPERIMENTAL and After Christmas event

We have a Experimental Coop Mod version available for you to try, but please notice that this version is not meant to replace the old version (5 Build 16), at least not yet!

So why do we release this version you might think... Well, there are two reasons. The first reason is that we wanted to host a event to promote the Modification a bit, we planned the promotion to be set shortly before Christmas. But there where so many difficulties that needed to be worked out, that we are now having a after Christmas event. It is more fitting anyway since you have to shoot the trees in order to win. The second reason is that we need our Mod tested and the best way to do this is to give it to the very people that want to play it.

Download the Experimental Coop Mod version.

So now here are the details about the After Christmas Event:
Find all 11 Christmas Trees on the map coop_icestation, to qualify for the Event. Each of the first 10 qualified Participants can select 1 game from a list. The game is delivered as a steam gift trough the Software Steam. To redeem the gift you require the Software STEAM by Valve, which is free, and serves as a Game Management Platform.

Please Note: This Event is NOT sponsored, supported or endorsed by Ritual Entertainment, Activision, Facebook, Steam or any other third party. All Tradmakes, belong to their respective owners.

It is not required to participate, but we would be glad if you follow us on Facebook:
Or join the Facebook Group:

The Rules, Conditions and Requirements are:

  • The event ends on February the 1st 2015, or when 10 winners have been declared
  • No use of cheats (especially NOCLIP) in game
  • No use of Spectator Mode : Free-form
  • No use of any cheating, treasure hunt or help Websites or Documents
  • You can only become qualified once, one gift per participant
  • You need to be a real or natural persons, no Robot- or Hack-Programs accepted
  • You need to play in MultiMatch, go to Start Server and Select the map coop_icestation in the menu
  • You need to have a proper name in game, the name can be set und MultiMatch, Player Setup, names like Redshirt or Spieler are not accepted
  • You need to Submit both screenshots to HaZardModding until the end of Feburary the 1st 2015
  • You need to download and copy or install the given Test Version of the HaZardModding Coop Mod, for the qualification code to be generated
  • You need to find all 11 Christmas Trees on the level coop_icestation
  • You need to have a Steam account to activate the gift
  • You need to be legally permitted to participate
  • You must request only a game you are legally permitted to own
  • You do not need to register to Facebook, but it would make things easier
  • We will not accept or ask for payments of any sort, all contents are provided for free
  • We will not ask you to give us any personal data, or passwords
  • We reserve the right to deny any participant the Gift if we have reason to assume a misconduct
  • We can only send you the gift via steam, either directly through Steam, or via E-Mail, either way you need to have steam installed to redeem it
  • We can not take any responsibility for any damage that might be caused by our Coop Mod, the gifted Game or anything else related to this event
  • We will not collect any personal information of any participant, and certainly we will not keep any personal data that might has been accumulated beyond the duration of this event
  • We do not provide any Hacks, Trojans, Maleware, Spysoftware or any other Software for that matter, and we do not endorse it either
  • Any recourse to courts of law is excluded

The available Games as STEAM Gift are listed bellow, please note if someone else already qualified and requested a game of which only 1 Copy is available, then this game becomes unavailable for the remaining participants.

  • 1x Alan Wake Franchise
  • 1x Aliens: Colonial Marines
  • 1x Brink Complete Pack
  • 1x Chrome + SpecForce Bundle
  • 3x Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition
  • 1x Garry's Mod
  • 3x Insurgency
  • 1x Killing Floor
  • 2x Left 4 Dead 2
  • 2x Postal 2
  • 1x Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
  • 1x Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
  • 1x The Void


We are working on Version 6 of the Coop Mod!

Thanks to Gsio his improvements to the game code we are able to provide you with a new version of the coop mod.

Please note that there will general gameupdates/fixes, but we want to keep the regular game and add specific features on coop maps only.

We also have a new guy on the programming team, Daggolin, a known Modder from Jedi Knight, good to have you on the team mate :D.
Ancient is also back to work on new models for the mod, lets see what he comes up with!

Whats else is new ?

  • The Mod will be based upon the game dll code, allowing us to add new features
  • There will be NO more support for Mac OS-X.
  • New commands are available during coop, type !help for a complete list
  • Players can set the difficulty any time, by typing !skill
  • Players can now drop their weapons using !drop
  • Players can now select their class by typing !class
  • Maps that are prefixed coop_ will automatically start the coop mod
  • You can now drown in the game starting after 10 sec under water
  • Killing Enemy AI in increases the players score
  • and much more....


HaZardModding Coop Mod complete, after 6 years
6 years HaZardModding Coop Mod

First of all, the new version features the complete Campaign from the Singleplayer, Including all Secret and Mission maps! Due to the significant (nearly 130) changes in the Modification this version is not compatible to any previous version, you are required to update as soon as it is available.

This is a short list of the most noticeable changes:

  • A notification is displayed if your Mod is outdated
  • A comprehensive internal Vote system has been added
  • A Skill level can now be selected
  • New useful Menus have been added to the game
  • The Objectives Menu has new features
  • Classes can now be selected from the menu
  • Context Dialogs are now available regardless of the server language
  • Language Specific English and German versions
  • A Symbol is now shown bellow injured players
  • The Player his Class is now remembered and restored
  • Fixed: Coudn't load file precache_m8l2a-drull_ruins2$

Everyone has one game that is THE GAME, your love, if you will. No other game can ever replace the relationship you had with that game or even get close to it. For me that Game was Star Trek: Elite Force II...

go to downloads

Download the Modification and read the whole article on


  • More Gameplay and Promotional Videos
  • Artificial Intelligence improvement
  • A Gate two Birds and the beautiful Sky Mod for Coop
  • m7L1a and m11L1 bsp and script improvements

Known Bugs:

  • AI does not patrol if player 0 is missing
Build 15 has been released

Featuring 2 new levels from the A Gate two Birds and the beautiful Sky Mod for Co-op. As usual a few bugs have been fixed and a update has also been made.

  • Fixed: m1l2bborg_sphere, Player 4 spawing in the void
  • Fixed: coop_gbs2, replaced Tricorder Symbol with Use Symbol
  • Fixed: coop_gbs2, Cinematic not starting in Singleplayer
  • Fixed: GBS Coop, Dialog Text Files not working
  • Fixed: Illia Player Model is now forced in Singleplayer
  • Fixed: Illia not showing in main menu screen
  • Fixed: Shader for m9l2 space freeze hud texture missing
  • Added: m7l1aattrexian_colony, Codehud for secret room
  • Added: 2 new maps for GBS Coop, coop_gbs4 and coop_gbs5
  • Updated: Zoo1, Mapselection Menu + Script
Build 14 has been released

Coop Bugs PreviewIn addition the GBS maps have been bugfixed and the German Custom Map Objectives have been updated.

Also the new Map Coop Bugs has been released...
...enjoy the new releases!

Development section under construction

As a result many articles are not yet completed, so come back and check for updates. If an article has your special attention, let us know it will receive special care then.

Currently complete:

  • Development: Coop - Noscript Module
  • Development: Known Tech Issues
Build 13 has been released

Supporting now A Gate two Birds and the beautiful Sky Co-operative Campaign, which is still in development and has been completed about 30%. These 30% you may download at the GBS Campaign Downloads section.

Most important changes at BUILD 13 are:

  • Fixed cinematic skip routine
  • Fixed crash when using MOM 2.0 features
  • Fixed NoTarget being applied to players when spawing without a weapon
  • Fixed unstable AI PICARD (ai/M6/BPck/
  • Fixed unstable AI REDSHIRT (ai/M6/BPck/
  • Removed -notarget Flag in player Cycle, preventing players to use notarget cheat
  • Added support for a 8 Player Mod Addon
Build 12 has been released

Most important changes are:

  • Reduced to 4 player Co-op
  • Reintegrated Context Dialog
  • Removed Team-mate command-ability
  • Fixed Objectives not showing when set to Complete before Incomplete
  • Fixed Objectives sometimes not resetting properly
  • Pressing the objectives key (tab) displays the Co-op Objectives on Custom maps
  • Updated the Video Menu to adjust 3rd Person Camera view
  • ent-deck8: Fixed player spawning in armory instead on the transporter
  • ent-deck11: Fixed Menu for Researching the Attrexian Culture
  • ent-deck11: Using MOM 2.0 for Researching the Attrexian Culture
  • m4l2b-attrexian_station: Fixed Gonzales blocking the player on spawn
  • Implemented MOM 2.0
Build 11 has been released

Build 11 comes with a few new features, bug-fixes and a few changes. Here is a short list of the most important changes:

  • Fixed: Multi sequence Cinematics could be skipped just once
  • Added: zoo1: Menu to select Map/Mission
  • Added: coop_hatoriaOutpost: MOM interface for Replicators
  • Added: The Multi Options Menu, as optional script modul
  • Added: Huds to display Icons/Text in the center of the screen, rather than showing text in the chat console
  • Added: German Objectives support for custom levels
  • Added: Detection if Client has co-op mod installed and can access advanced features
  • Added: German Translations for several Co-op Menus and Huds
  • Changed: Medics can heal others at once
  • Removed: Gravity forced by Script
  • Removed: Script variable coop_integer_physics_gravityValue
Co-op Bugs, ALPHA (Work In Progress)

Coop Bugs Preview

Following the events of the Singleplayer campaign, Coop Bugs takes you on a ancient Idryll Planet after the Singleplayer Campaign ended. The Attrexians and Idryll began to work together to refurbish the old ruins and dig-out and research Idryll artefacts.

Download Co-op Bugs
Build 10 has been released

Build 10 comes with a few updates and many bug-fixes, here is a short list of the most important changes:

Upgraded Multiplayer AI

  • romulan-m10-soldier-pistol-m.tik
  • romulan-m10-soldier-pistol-m2.tik
  • romulan-m10-soldier-pistol-m3.tik
  • alien-type5-commander.tik
  • bug_male.tik

Upgraded Video Settings Menu

  • Allowing to set custom resolutions
  • Allowing to set custom userfov
  • Enabling the Co-op Mod to reset the userfov after cinematics

Misc Co-op Mod changes

  • Added support for optional function that gets called when a player changes his model
  • Removed auto Colision force setting, had a bad sideeffect on regular deathmatch
  • Removed Last Man Standing
  • Removed cVars: coop_disClassMonitor, coop_lmsEnable, coop_health, coop_prvPlCnt, coop_lmsLifes
  • Changed Borg Assimilate now faster in Multiplayer
  • Changed movement speed when firing a weapon
  • Fixed Cinematic routine sometimes warping players back to spawn after cinematics
  • Fixed Players being warped to the spawn instead to the respawn loacation
  • Fixed M5 Idryll Models Classnames (for Überradiant)
  • Fixed coop_justSpawnedplayer functions not being executed
  • m3l2-forever: Fixed Chell rescue timer being to short
  • m3l2-forever: Spawns a few more Lurkers in Multiplayer
  • m3l2-forever: First two spawnlocations to be inside the lift
  • m3l2-forever: Fixed Chell rescue and failed sequence played at the same time
  • m5l2b-drull_ruins1: Fixed classes not being spawned
  • m5l2c-drull_ruins1: Fixed door towards Krindo locking players out
  • ent-deck1_bridge: Fixed missing Map-shot
Build 9 has been released

Build 9 comes with a few updates to the Custom Levels and some bugfixes:

H'atoria Outpost

  • Added Symbols to outline interactive Mission objects
  • Added Players which die inside the Holoprogram will respawn inside the Holodeck
  • Fixed Defective AI Combat node, causing the near by AI to act strangely

Paradise Island

  • Added Symbols to outline interactive Mission objects
  • Fixed Shuttle Transporter getting Players stuck inside each other
  • Fixed the First Encounter Alien floating downwards

Paradise Island 2

  • Added Symbols to outline interactive Mission objects

Co-op Mod

  • sv_coop.bat has been updated
  • Fixed: IGM 4 getting stuck at several occasions
  • Fixed: Respawning at Spawn instead of respawn locations
  • Fixed: Objectives 1 and 2 not beeing displayed on m10l1
  • Fixed: Objectives 1 and 2 beeing displayed delayed on m10l2a
  • Fixed: Spawing at last Camera position when entering during Cinematic
  • Removed: Team Model stripping (made them look different from regular MP)
Build 8 has been released, with a few useful updates to the game files.

As a little Christmas present BUILD 8 with 4 more Missions from the Singleplayer has been released. Now 75 Singleplayer levels are available for Co-op.

Co-op Alien, level preview released...

Coop Alien PreviewFor all the remaining EF2 players out there, we have released the level Co-op Alien.
The level is still in work, playable but not yet a full Mission - for you as Christmas present.
The devolopment of this level will continue, the plan is to relase it in spring 2011.

Download Co-op Alien

Build 7 has been released, with a few useful updates to the game files.

This Build contains the following updates:

  • Modified: Made 4 Chars available in the Radiant(Scientists from m5l1a)
  • Modified: models/char/bug-plant.tik set proper shaders
  • Modified: models/char/bug_smallwander.tik set proper shaders
  • Fixed: models/char/alien-type1b-chewer.tik restored Bounding-box size
  • Updated: Cinematic script, removed failure messages
Build 6 of the HaZardModding Co-op Script Mod has been released.

This Build fixes the following server side issues:

  • Attrexian Technician disappearing on level m4l2b-attrexian_station
  • Loading of wrong next level(secret1 instead of m12-end) on level m11l3b-drull_ruins3_boss
  • Spelling in Objective [reported by [DSQ]Barclay] on level coop_paradiseIsland2
  • Shuttle taking off without making any sound on level coop_paradiseIsland2
  • First Cinematic Sequence camera misalignment on level coop_paradiseIsland2
  • Player possible getting stuck on re-spawn at level m7l2b-attrexian_colony
  • Munro missing in the Cinematic on level m11l1a-drull_ruins3
  • Mission getting stuck (again) on level m12-end
New Custom Level: Paradise Island 2

Paradise Islansd 2, the sequel of Paradise Island, based on the Forgotten Danger Mod source-files has been released!

New Version Relased

Version 5.0 Alpha has been released of the HaZardModding Co-op Mod...

  • Added a feature named NOSCRIPT, it allows you to use Important Script and Co-op Mod features without scripting your self. The NOSCRIPT feature is used on the new level Co-op Ice Station
  • Player IDs are now bound to the client ID (player1 = client 0, player2 = client 1, and so on)
  • Two More Maps Completed, m2l0-sfa and m12-end
  • Full Multiplayer Cinematic Support, Cut-scenes are now available in Multiplayer
  • Removed BSP-files, using a new code to manage entities without target name
  • Fixed the Field of view messing up during Singleplayer
  • Fixed hundreds of small bugs
New Custom Level: Ice Station

Ice Station, a custom Co-op Level created by HaZardModding has been released!

New Custom Level Comming Soon

ICE STATION features a little plot which is based on the Romulan Installation Holodeck Training Program from H'atoria Outpost, with many enemies and deadly traps...

It will be the first map using the Co-op Mod NOSCRIPT Feature to create interactive events without actual scripting for the map it self.

Website On-line

The official HaZardModding Co-op Mod website is now on-line!

A Multi-player Co-operative Campaign Modification for the Science Fiction Ego-shooter Star Trek: Elite Force II.


Official game Website:

New Custom Level: H'atoria

H'atoria Outpost, a custom Co-op Level created by HaZardModding has been released!

Next Co-op Version

The next version of the HaZardModding Co-op Mod will no longer include the BSP-Files for the levels. If you plan to host a dedicated internet server, you can downloaded the BSP-Files separately.

This will shrink the mod size down to about 10 MB


Elite Force II Serverlist empty ? Read how to set the alternative Master-Server.

Elite Force II to expensive ? Try eBay Germany and use our Language-pack!

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